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> By the way, can someone give me a little info on what
> kind of a person is Hamaan. She is so cute and I wanna
> get to know her better. Thanks

Hamaan is an ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants
-- similar in a number of ways to Kycilia Zabi and Cima Garahau.

She subscribes to Gihren Zabi's "Master Race" Theory that Spacenoids in
general and Newtypes in particular are the next Big Thing and Earthnoids
are obsolete, but unlike Gihren she actually believes it. She ascribes all
of the ills of humanity to those whose "Souls Are Pulled Down By Gravity"
and has devised a solution to the problem: destroy the Earth, source of the
offending gravity, and everyone who insists on living on it. Once everyone
is united in freefall under her divinely-inspired leadership, everything
will be just fine....


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