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> > Argh, horribly off topic, but when I was at school, we actually
> >had a set of books called The Unexplained. They ran to an incredible
> >number of volumes, and while I don't think Mr. Angry Octopus Head was
> >mentioned, they had enough freaky stuff in them to keep Fox Mulder
> >occupied for the rest of his career.
> > Mind you, school libraries are always slightly out of tune with
> >the rest of the universe... ^_^
> That's so true. By the way, with regards to my former
> post "Cthulhu in UT", the Cthulhu in Ultraman Tiga was
> definitely more powerful than the one in Ghostbusters.
> If I remember correctly, Egon and company defeated it
> by luring it into somekinda rollercoaster track and
> electrocuting it. In Ultraman Tiga, our friendly giant
> of light was even defeated by the thing. I could
> probably give a run down of what happened in the last
> three episodes of the series if anyone's interested.
> It was kinda corny how Tiga recovered and managed to
> defeat the monster, but hey, it was generally meant
> for kids, so what can I say. Those who've seen it
> knows what I mean ^^;
Yes, but the fact is that Cthulu in the stories could never be defeated that
easily. This is a being that is, for all intents and purposes, a God.

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