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>Richie Ramos Wrote
>>BUt it makes me
>>wonder, too: aside from the guns, was there ever an MS designed solely for
>Um... The Side 6 guys in 0080 had the junior mobile suit
>looking things that probably had tear gas, and other AP
>nasties. The Zaku commander in 08th MS team had the nail
>bomb. Zeon had lots of anti-colonist stuff, and in a game
>I played in we loaded rubber rounds into our Headcannons
>and rifles on our GMs to go put down a food riot in India.

The Riah-35 (Libot Colony, where Gundam 0080 takes place, is Bunch 35 in
Side 6, which is run by the Riah government) Draken-E is classified as a
Middle Mobile Suit and is part of the Side 6 Civil Defense Force, which is
on par with the real-world JSDF. It's intended to defend the colony
against invaders, but is woefully outclassed by the standard MS. It's
further hampered by being limited to weapons designed to minimize
collateral damage to the surrounding colony.

The only MS that was designed specifically for riot control was the RGM-79Q
GM Quell, seen briefly at the end of Gundam 0083, which was created by the
newly-formed Titans to "quell" the Spacenoids in their home colonies.


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