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>>Neither the Hyper Mega Launcher nor the Long Rifle seems as powerful as the
>>Mega Bazooka Launcher deployed by Quattro in the 100 Shiki or the Hyper
>>Beam used by Won Lee in the Junior Mobile Suit, although the name "Hyper
>>Mega Launcher" would seem to imply a little of both.
> So, if I'm not mistaken, the HML is weaker than the
> WG's unbelievably powerful Buster Launcher? If so,
> what use is it then? It's bigger, and presumably
> harder to use.

It's just as powerful as the game makers decide to make it.

As Mark Simmons has noted, there's not that much correlation between the
specs and the performance seen in the anime. How much less so than between
the anime and the games?

>>That's the Hyper Mode, which has both an offensive and defensive posture.
>>Hyper Gundam is the Irresistable Force, Barriered Gundam the Immovable
>>Object. It's the Shining Finger, ZERO System and Satellite Cannon bit of
>>the UC world.
> I figure that the "Immovable Object" is the Z in it's
> invulnerable rainbow-colored state, right? So, does this
> mean Domon & Rain's combined Tenkyouken wouldn't even
> break this barrier? Or, the Hyper ZG will be able to
> stand it if it were thrown to the sun or something?

Play them against one another and see.

I've always found these apples-and-oranges comparisons of mecha from
entirely different universes to be a waste of time, like the
Who's-stronger-Superman-or-the-Incredible-Hulk speculations. When the
crossover is published by Marvel, the Hulk is stronger; when it's published
by DC, Superman's stronger and, when it's a DC-Marvel collaboration, the
contest is a draw or Superman matches the Hulk's strength advantage by
being just that much smarter.

Like the Hyper Mega Bazooka, the Hyper Mode will be just as powerful as the
game designers choose to make it, regardless of how it's played out in the
anime or the specs.

>>He probably just played on whatever feeling Hamaan had for him, as he did
>>with Lalar before her and Quess a decade later.
> Ooooh! That Char! Hamaan then Quess!?

Artesia (Sayla) then Lalar then Reccoa (he pretty much drove her into the
arms of Scirocco, another right bastard when it comes to women) then Hamaan
then Quess. Now that I think of it, he even played fast and loose with
Kycilia Zabi, whom he ultimately dealt the ultimate parting shot.

The only woman with whom Char has ever had an on-screen tryst is Nanai
Mingeru and, again, her interest in him is more profound than his in her.

>>Two words: Wave Rider. (Or, as the Sentinels gang prefers, VMSAWRS --
>>Variable Mobile Suit And Wave Rider System) The Z can transform into
>>re-entry capable flying armor. This transatmospheric capability is, I
>>believe, unique.
> "Re-entry" as in re-entry back into the Earth's
> atmosphere?

Into and through -- the Z-Gundam could maneuver in the atmosphere as well
as in space. It couldn't climb back out of the gravity well unassisted,


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