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> Now that you've mentioned it, what exactly are Char's
> goals and ideals? If he were so good, he could've taken
> out all the Titans by himself, right?

Char doesn't really know what he wants himself, but the preponderance of
the evidence indicates that he seeks:

1) revenge on the Zabi Family, whom he holds responsible for the death of
his father and the exile of himself and his sister

2) the restoration of Zeon to the state it had when his father ruled

3) himself fulfilling the destiny he might've had if his father had lived

He achieves the first by the end of Gundam, is working toward the second in
Z Gundam, and gets as close as he ever will to the second and third by the
opening of CCA.

It's worth noting that his sister Artesia (Sayla) doesn't factor into any
of his plans for Zeon or his "destiny" as leader thereof. He gives her
what he deems to be her share of the Daikun fortune and then pretty much
disowns her.

Maybe it's genetic -- Sayla takes the money and runs, steering well clear
of the Titans conflict and only popping up for a cameo toward the end of
ZZ, never to be seen or heard from again....


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