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> Hee Hee, you have will power SJ! I can only wait about 2 weeks before I am
> tempted to change my Gundam model's poses.

Not really will power, more like procrastination. I place my models on and
around my computer at home, which is also my office since I either work out
of home or travel. When I get bored with what I've got displayed, or I'm
adding something new and don't have space for it (more often than not), I
switch out my models and/or repose them. Right now, I have a MG Dom standing
on the top left of my monitor holding out it's heat rod in classic Jedi pose,
a MG Gelgoog-A on the right side is standing with shield forward and beam
naginata held slightly to the rear in a ready position. Just above them are
my MG G-3, MG GM, MG GP02a, and RX-44 Guntank, all standing as if posing for
a class photo. A few months back, I had a lineup consisting up the MG G-3, MG
GM, MG Mk II Titian version, MG GP02a, MG Zeta, HG Gunblaster, and Turn A.
All I needed for that set was a MG ZZ (coming soon), Nu, F90 (any one will
do), F91, V or V2 (probably V2), and a camera.


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