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>Well, I have seen the original series back when it is aired in Hong Kong and
>I am in High School. But I do miss the last part of the series back then.
>Reason that I brought the VCD set is I want to watch the series again. And
>boy, find out how much of the essence of Gundam I miss when I first see it
>(The movie is nothing compared to the TV series) on TV.

Wow, cool, another old timer who actually saw it when the original was first

>How is the quality of the LD, I mean the coloring and sharpness?? My VCD
>set, when I view it has a feeling of out directly from an old tape. The
>color is faded somewhat and I can see lines on the side of the screen. Much
>like a rerun of 20+ years old tape.

Yuck, they must be from tapes. While I do not know if the LDs were digitally
remastered for sure (I'd guess they are, judging by the quality), they did
look better than VCD's picture quality but memory could play trick with your
head and you may end up thinking that the series looked better than what
you were seeing, even on LD.

>Well, did anybody know is there another clearance deal around??

Check with CD Japan and HobbyLink Japan and see if they've got any leftovers.
Also check if you can get member price with TokyoPop if you special order it.

>>Whoa, you probably missed out more than you thought. This SUCKS! Can't
>>you get your money back?
>Well, Since I am now in the states and I brought them awhile back, just to
>let everybody knows not to buy VCD sets unless you are sure what you are
>going to get.

I totally agree. There are a lot of shady characters selling CD-Rs of VCDs
on eBay and are not telling you this upfront. Not to mention bootleggers
seems to think it will make their boots legit as long as they slap phrases
like "all materials are reserved for the copyright holders and any
unauthorized violation will be prosecuted"!

>Thanks, but around the place I live there is no such big community. I am
>trying to see if anybody on the list has the LD set and willing to help me
>Strange, but is fansubing being forbidden on the list?? I mean, I have
>joined the list 2 years ago and then unjoin it for a while. Last time when I
>am on the list, there are some people willing to help people out by giving
>out fansub. I personal have obtain some fansub through the list by certain
>kind fellow :-)

Same here. However, the entry of AnimeVillage.com last year has changed
the scenery quite a bit. Since Gundam is now officially distributed in the
U.S., discussion of fansub can no longer be justified either morally or
legally. The list administrator also did not want to be held responsible
should Bandai decide to take legal action, so he'd pop in once in a while if
no self-appointed fansub cop has commented on the issue when it surfaces

>When I rejoin, I did read somebody post it is forbidden...
>--- Kenneth ---


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