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>>Did someone got The 2 part of Gundam 0079 Memorial TV series LD set?? I am
>>just wondering about the quality and is that worth buying....
>Quality of packaging is excellent - new illustrations grace the covers of
>each of the gatefold jackets (housing 2 LDs each) and the box themselves.
>Part I comes with the big box that houses the two smaller boxes. It is a
>monster box!
>As for the animation itself, if you've never seen the original series,
>then you may not want to shell out hundreds of bucks for "dated animation"
>if you must have eye candy for your anime. However, I've seen excellent
>clearance deals for these box sets online before, so you may be able to
>find a bargain somewhere. TokyoPop or UCI Anime used to have them on
>clearance, but I think they are all gone by now.

Well, I have seen the original series back when it is aired in Hong Kong and
I am in High School. But I do miss the last part of the series back then.
Reason that I brought the VCD set is I want to watch the series again. And
boy, find out how much of the essence of Gundam I miss when I first see it
(The movie is nothing compared to the TV series) on TV.

How is the quality of the LD, I mean the coloring and sharpness?? My VCD
set, when I view it has a feeling of out directly from an old tape. The
color is faded somewhat and I can see lines on the side of the screen. Much
like a rerun of 20+ years old tape.

Well, did anybody know is there another clearance deal around??

>>Actually, I need some help on obtaining the last 7 or 8 esp. Sorry I may
>>have said the forbidden word, but I am desperate to see those last
>>See, I have got those VCD set from Canada and it has only 13 VCD. With 3
>>episode per VCD it has only 39 episode, and the last part (starting from
>>2 part of Solomon), it is a cut and edit version of the last 0079 Movie. I
>>do not see Gyan in Action :-(
>Whoa, you probably missed out more than you thought. This SUCKS! Can't
>you get your money back?

Well, Since I am now in the states and I brought them awhile back, just to
let everybody knows not to buy VCD sets unless you are sure what you are
going to get.

>>So, I would like to see if someone out there who is willing to help me
>>Or I may need to bite the bullet and save up those hard earned cash and
>>the LD set for $400+
>>Personally, I would rather use these money on Gundam kits and Games.
>>--- Kenneth ---
>There is another solution, if you have a Japanese community in or near
>you live. Track down a mom and pop video rental store, they would surely
>have the original Mobile Suit Gundam available on VHS, most likely taped
>a rebroadcast, too. That way you get to see the missing episodes without
>spending much at all.

Thanks, but around the place I live there is no such big community. I am
trying to see if anybody on the list has the LD set and willing to help me

Strange, but is fansubing being forbidden on the list?? I mean, I have
joined the list 2 years ago and then unjoin it for a while. Last time when I
am on the list, there are some people willing to help people out by giving
out fansub. I personal have obtain some fansub through the list by certain
kind fellow :-)

When I rejoin, I did read somebody post it is forbidden...

--- Kenneth ---

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