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>From: Edward Ju <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime VS Cartoons
>Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:54:46 -0700
> >> Oh... "Limited Animation" huh? So that's why the
> >> characters in He-Man kinda look funny when they're
> >> running? ^^;
> >
> >Not so uniquely American either... Sunrise used
> >Limited Animation in Zeta Gundam all the time. I
> >also hope all you fiends out there remember the
> >two times Gato swooped up behind a Fed cruiser in
> >0083 witht he Nue Zeil, and took it out with the
> >exact same attack (I.E. Same Footage)
> >
> >Paul
>I caught Pokemon on TV the other day and it appeared
>to be an extreme use of Limited Animation too -
>you'd have like 4 characters talking amongst themselves,
>and everyone a character speaks, the other three FREEZES.
>No eye blinking or slight movements, just dead froze.
>And when the next character speaks, the one that was
>talking suddent turns dead frozen too, it was the
>funniest yet unfunniest thing I've seen. Talk about being
>cheap on cel usage.
But that's NOT limited animation. Limited animation is when Multiple Cells
are used for the SAME Character, such as a cell for the eyes, a cell for the
mouth, a cell for the head, a cell for the arms, and a cell for the body.

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