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>Did someone got The 2 part of Gundam 0079 Memorial TV series LD set?? I am
>just wondering about the quality and is that worth buying....

Quality of packaging is excellent - new illustrations grace the covers of
each of the gatefold jackets (housing 2 LDs each) and the box themselves.
Part I comes with the big box that houses the two smaller boxes. It is a
monster box!

As for the animation itself, if you've never seen the original series,
then you may not want to shell out hundreds of bucks for "dated animation"
if you must have eye candy for your anime. However, I've seen excellent
clearance deals for these box sets online before, so you may be able to
find a bargain somewhere. TokyoPop or UCI Anime used to have them on
clearance, but I think they are all gone by now.

>Actually, I need some help on obtaining the last 7 or 8 esp. Sorry I may
>have said the forbidden word, but I am desperate to see those last
>See, I have got those VCD set from Canada and it has only 13 VCD. With 3
>episode per VCD it has only 39 episode, and the last part (starting from the
>2 part of Solomon), it is a cut and edit version of the last 0079 Movie. I
>do not see Gyan in Action :-(

Whoa, you probably missed out more than you thought. This SUCKS! Can't
you get your money back?

>So, I would like to see if someone out there who is willing to help me out.
>Or I may need to bite the bullet and save up those hard earned cash and get
>the LD set for $400+
>Personally, I would rather use these money on Gundam kits and Games.
>--- Kenneth ---

There is another solution, if you have a Japanese community in or near where
you live. Track down a mom and pop video rental store, they would surely
have the original Mobile Suit Gundam available on VHS, most likely taped off
a rebroadcast, too. That way you get to see the missing episodes without
spending much at all.


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