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>Well to sum up, yes it was the squid creature.
>And while Dictionaries and Encyclopedias don't
>usually have Mythos of that kind in them, when
>I was in school the most Occult thing you would
>find in the Library was "Who Built Stonehenge"
>Cthulu would be too Cultish for many school type
        Argh, horribly off topic, but when I was at school, we actually
had a set of books called The Unexplained. They ran to an incredible
number of volumes, and while I don't think Mr. Angry Octopus Head was
mentioned, they had enough freaky stuff in them to keep Fox Mulder
occupied for the rest of his career.
        Mind you, school libraries are always slightly out of tune with
the rest of the universe... ^_^
        And Call of Cthulu is probably the finest horror RPG ever made.
Probably best summed up by the (very old) gaming joke:
        "How many Call of Cthulu players does it take to change a light
        "All of them. Never, *ever*, split the party." ^_^
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