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> Richie Ramos Wrote
> >BUt it makes me
> >wonder, too: aside from the guns, was there ever an MS
> designed solely for
> >Anti-personnel?
> Um... The Side 6 guys in 0080 had the junior mobile suit
> looking things that probably had tear gas, and other AP
> nasties. The Zaku commander in 08th MS team had the nail
> bomb. Zeon had lots of anti-colonist stuff, and in a game
> I played in we loaded rubber rounds into our Headcannons
> and rifles on our GMs to go put down a food riot in India.
> This sniper gave us some trouble, so I snuck up to the
> windows where he was hiding, and pushed the MG barrel into
> it, we had little rubber balls bouncing all over the room
> there was little more than a red coat of paint left by the
> time I put my sensor eye into the room. These were of a low
> velocity type round, so they would hit, but not kill, and
> would bounce too, instead of just punch throught the walls.

Well, there is Titan's GM Quell from 0083. Designed specifically to put
down riots.

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