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>I've got a set of SF91 suits, and I've got the Vigna-Gina from F91. I think
>they're all very well constructed kits. The only one I really have a problem
>with is the G-Cannon from SF91, but that's a kit that I've had for about 6
>years so I expect it to be that way. (I didn't build 'em then like I do
>now.) Honestly I like the kits. SF91 has some of my favorite suit designs,
>The Heavy Gun 2 (Hardy Gun 2?) and the Vigna-Zirah. I'm also a big fan of
>the Cluster Gundam, It's the only one I've managed to get into a really cool
>double beam sword pose.
>Matt "chicks are cool" Hanyok

The SF91 line of kits aren't popular on the GML because many found Okawara's
attention to detail "too busy". Which wasn't so bad when you compare them
to the godawful MS in Action figures, with all the crazy panel lines which
were way excessive. The Gundam figure's arm also has a tendency to fall
off from the shoulder socket, and the lack of a polycap recepticle means
the shield will not be able to mount on the back sooner or later. As for
the Gouf, although it looked better with less crazy panel lines, the
articulation is extremely limited at the shoulders. What a bummer.

Back to the SF91 line of kits. I remember my RXF-91 was having trouble
holding its beam rifle due to the tiny hand. The problem was exaggerated
when you upgrade the beam rifle for the RXF-91 Kai, the additional mass from
the extra parts was just too much and the arm can't even properly pose, it's
the same problem the MG Mk-II has when you load up e-caps on its shield.
Looks like Bandai hasn't really done much improvement on Gundam kits in almost
a decade. This makes me think... would the 1/100 Serpent Custom, with its
assortment of BFGs, really be able to hold them up without the arm collapsing
under the gun's weight? I am also curious to see if the MG RickDom can hold
up its beam bazooka singlehandedly, without the aid of the shoulder as rest...


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