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> In fact isn't it odd how alot of the UC mechs look like
> hybrids off of the original series?? Don't they have any originality???
 Actually, those are crossover designs that provide more continuity between
 shows. The GM is the best example of this, followed closely by the Zaku.
 There are GM Mk I's in all of the OYW shows, but a GM Custom was needed in
 0083 as an origin for the GM Quell in Zeta. The GM Mk II's in Zeta lead to
 Mk III's and Jegans by the time of CCA. In F91, Jegans are being phased out
 for RGM-111's, and in Victory, the RGM-111 was replaced by the RGM-117 and
 RGM-122. Continuity. Old views can see something familier in new shows,
 new views will have something familier hwen watching older shows.
 SJ >>
Yeah I know I was just being sarcastic to make a point. I was just trying to
point out that Gundam has "evolved" while simultaneously semi ripping itself
off. It isn't a strictly Turn A phenomenon.


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