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>Um... The Side 6 guys in 0080 had the junior mobile suit
>looking things that probably had tear gas, and other AP
>nasties. The Zaku commander in 08th MS team had the nail
>bomb. Zeon had lots of anti-colonist stuff, and in a game
>I played in we loaded rubber rounds into our Headcannons
>and rifles on our GMs to go put down a food riot in India.
>This sniper gave us some trouble, so I snuck up to the
>windows where he was hiding, and pushed the MG barrel into
>it, we had little rubber balls bouncing all over the room
>there was little more than a red coat of paint left by the
>time I put my sensor eye into the room. These were of a low
>velocity type round, so they would hit, but not kill, and
>would bounce too, instead of just punch throught the walls.

Interesting. in the game my friends and I run (using mekton zeta), we used
teargas and lowlevel electroshock weapons. i built up a squad by having
three Ms's, a about four tanks and two missile vans. we also had a CC
vehicle. and human spotters. I wasd always going for pounding them from
afar. I only used the MS's for occupation and holding territory. and I
always armed one with light weponry for quick ace-style attacks, letting
the other two act as long-range killers. it worked. With the other armor
backing them got pretty sad for my other fellow players.

>Another friend of mine got shot down in space in Gundam
>as a role playing game we were playing in 0083, and he
>had ejected, we we're Zeon, and he jetpacked over to a
>GM, pulled the Emergency Lever, opening the cockpit to
>space, and Carjacked an enemy Mobile Suit.

A variation i did was arm all my pilots with a space suit, a jetbelt (like
gato's) and a nice magnetic mine. hehehehhehe.

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