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>>1) How powerful is the ZG's Hyper Mega Launcher? In most
>> of the games I see it in, it is usually weaker than
>> the Nu's Fin Funnels or the Wing's Buster Rifle for
>> that matter...
> Despite its high-falutin' name, the Hyper Mega Launcher is little more than
> the Z's regular beam rifle on stearoids. It's twice as long, wide and deep
> and therefore presumably anywhere from two to eight times as powerful,
> although we see little evidence of that.
> I'd rate it on par with the "Long Rifle" carried by the G-Defensor and used
> as a sidearm by the Super Gundam (Gundam Mk.II + G-Defensor), which is on
> par with a ship-mounted mega particle cannon. (The original Gundam's beam
> rifle was rated as being equal to a ship-mounted beam cannon)
> Neither the Hyper Mega Launcher nor the Long Rifle seems as powerful as the
> Mega Bazooka Launcher deployed by Quattro in the 100 Shiki or the Hyper
> Beam used by Won Lee in the Junior Mobile Suit, although the name "Hyper
> Mega Launcher" would seem to imply a little of both.

It was my understanding that the Z Gundam's Hyper Mega Launcher had multiple
firing modes, allowing it to be used just like the Z's original beam rifle,
or also in a more powerful "megalauncher" mode (though not as powerful as
the Shiki's MBL.) Presumably, this megalauncher mode taps the mobile suit's
generator more directly. Note that like the Z's regular beam rifle, the
Hyper Mega Launcher can be used as a 'long-sabre', i.e. the end of the beam
rifle can stick out a beam-sabre like tongue of energy and be used as a type
of spear (cf. episode 41, I think, the one where Rosamia steals a Nemo.)

Camille tosses the thing away rather non-chalantly in his fight with Hamaan
in ep 47, does he think those things grow on trees?! :)

>>2) How invincible was the ZG when Camille did that power-
>> up rainbow thing? Is it 100% invulnerable to anything?
>> How did Camille do it?
> That's the Hyper Mode, which has both an offensive and defensive posture.
> Hyper Gundam is the Irresistable Force, Barriered Gundam the Immovable
> Object. It's the Shining Finger, ZERO System and Satellite Cannon bit of
> the UC world.
> Camille doesn't initiate Hyper Mode so much as channel it. The power comes
> from all of those fallen comrades (mostly female) who conjoin with Camille
> like an army of Valkyries. The same thing happens with Jude Ashita in ZZ,
> except that Jude suffers no psychic repercussions. On the other hand,
> Hamaan accepts defeat gracefully rather than cursing her conqueror with her
> dying breath....

I think Scirocco's curse is a bit more responsible for Camille's comatose
state rather than his channeling experience. Camille's awful unstable
straight through the last few episodes, but he isn't babbling incoherently
until after his final encounter with Paptimus...

Presumably the apocryphal 'biosensor' the Z (and ZZ) is equipped with has
something to do with Camille and Judau's ability to channel spirits in
battle. Is there an example of a non-NT mobile suit allowing this in the UC


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