Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:37:05 -0400

>That is the exact episode I was refering to. However, because it was an
>animated series aimed (supposedly) at kids, they couldn't put the true
>horror of the Lovecraft stories into it... And they are nothing like
>Urutsuki Doji by any means.

 Oh my... does anyone here remember the last three
 episodes of Ultraman Tiga? Tiga fought this tentacled
 thing that now kinda reminds me of Cthulhu. The creature
 was referred to as the "Lord of Darkness" in the local
 dub and if I remember correctly, it awoke from somekinda ruin under the sea to mark the end of the world. Also,
 demons (monsters) appeared all over the globe. GUTS
 killed one or two, but the same creature reappeared.
 There was even this black mist that acted as if it
 was alive and it penetrated the GUTS H.Q. Man, and
 I used to think that Tiga's final enemy was kinda
 corny... you know, looking like a nautilus and all.
 It looked very formidable though. I think that was
 their own version of Cthulhu. If I'm not mistaken,
 a saw the word "Cthulhu" (probably in katakana) in
 the title, but wasn't paying enough attention to it.
 Besides, it is only now that I got a clearer definition
 of the word.

 On the lighter side, it was kinda interesting that
 Ultraman made more than just a cameo appearance in
 the fourth to the last episode. I'm expecting Tiga
 too to make a comeback later in the Ultraman Dyna
 series. Which reminds me, has anyone else here
 played the "Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna" game?

>> >To say you couldn't find it on the net, I find
>> >disturbing... Look up Cthulu, and or H.P Lovecraft
>> >and you should be able to find plenty, a library
>> >might have some of the books as well.
>> Hmm... maybe I spelled it incorrectly before... ^^;
>Possible. It's not exactly an easy word to spell.

 But I got the spelling I now use from an Iczer trading card.

>Oh, like I said, they are some of the darkest and most terrifying stories
>ever written, relying on psychology to create true terror.

 Okay. Uh... can you give me, erm, us, a sample of a
 terrifying instance in the story? I'm kinda intrigued.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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