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>I've got a set of SF91 suits, and I've got the Vigna-Gina from F91. I think
>they're all very well constructed kits. The only one I really have a problem
>with is the G-Cannon from SF91, but that's a kit that I've had for about 6
>years so I expect it to be that way. (I didn't build 'em then like I do
>now.) Honestly I like the kits. SF91 has some of my favorite suit designs,
>The Heavy Gun 2 (Hardy Gun 2?) and the Vigna-Zirah. I'm also a big fan of
>the Cluster Gundam, It's the only one I've managed to get into a really cool
>double beam sword pose.
>Matt "chicks are cool" Hanyok

Hmmm...the The cluster gundam is a faovrite of mine too, and it has LONG
swords...I've used some other stuff from some of the other F90 kits to deck
it out with more equipment. Now, I just have to paint it...

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