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Earlier in the week I sent my friend in Japan an email to see what he
thinks of Turn A Gundam

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Vince Leon

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Subject: hello, Vince.

Hello, Vince. How are you? Thank you for your mail. I hadn't checked
e-mail for a while, and I just found your mail today. I'm doing OK, but
now I'm out of job again and I've had a hard time to find a new job.

My friend and I saw few episodes of 'Turn A Gundom', and we don't like it.
 For me, it isn't good story and mechas in the series aren't neat designs.
 The story is like for kid story. Have you seen mecha designs? I got a
picture of Turn A Gundom model from web page. In case you haven't seen it,
I enclose it. Bandai want to sell Turn A Gundom model but people do not
like it. Do you know a new Gundom special TV show called G-saver coming
out sometime in this year in Japan? I just found it out from Gundom web
page. It is a live action and CGI movie which is made in Hollywood, so
actores and actresses are all Americans. It seems good. I got some CG
pictures of it and sent those to you, too. I'm sorry if you take much time
to open a mail.

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