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>There is a scene in Kondo's crossover notebook where a
>guy and his partner are flying a hovercycle by a GM, he
>flips off the GM (middle finger) while his partner hits
>the GM with his Bazooka.
>They also run around hurling mines, and limpet mines at
>the GMs.

That's exactly what I meant. very nice! I mean the Afghan tactics against
the soviets should never be underestimated (analogy). BUt it makes me
wonder, too: aside from the guns, was there ever an MS designed solely for

>>Another thing would be a good POV from know, MS fighting in
>>background, but actually the story is about the odyssey of the war refugees
>>themselves. Great possibility for character cameos.
>Um wasn't that THE whole point of 0080?

Yah, but it still had MS pilots involved. I want NO MS pilots
involved...really just the war from a refugee standpoint!

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