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>How are the regular F91 kits? I only ask because I've bought two Vs in a
>row now (1/100 Gunblastor and 1/144 Javelin) and they're both rather
>loose in the joints, which kinda bugs me.
>Oh, and can anyone point me to a site that has a rundown of the
>F91/Crossbone manga on it? I'm really getting into this story now...

Hmmm...the only one I have is the F91 itself. It's pretty cool, and I like
the way it was proportioned and constructed. The Vignah Zirrah, which is
an upgrade of the Ghina is also well constructed. my only complaint with
these kits, in view of the ones I have, is that the joints ARE kinda
frigile and loose, but the look? Mahvelous!

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