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>well I don't like the Geara Doga but the Geara
>Doga Psyhcomu type, in my opinion, is even more
>eye candy than the Sazabi let alone the Jagd
>Doga. it's a pity I can't even find a GK resin of
>it anywhere.

Is this the one with the weird "hat"?

>> not glued on/off as the
>> kit parts were made to be..
>These system injection kits are for sissies. I'm
>not good at putting models together, and I suppose
>this ease-of-assmebly is probably directed at me
>(an me alone), but it bites. The colouring of the
>pieces has an awful finish (bleh) and what's this
>snap togteher business?

I've worked on both kinds, and I can say that i like the snap-together
types because it gives me more time to concentrate on other stuff, such as
alternative colors and kitbashes and all that. if you don't like the
colors, then paint over it. In the end, what matters is the finished kit,
not what it was before, or how it was assembled. That part is par for the
course of kit building, even more challenging I would say if you can make
what is a crappily constructed kit in your opinion into a very nice display

Just my two cents...

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