Paul Fields (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:31:54 EDT

>I like the concept. It would be nice to see the grunts slugging it out
>"everyday" heroics, rather than seeing people with fantastic powers and
>duke it out one on one. That's one thing I'd really like to see (though I
>know if 08th has done this, since I haven't seen it yet). Imagine, actual
>between MS's and their support vehicles...I bet that a good tank and
>van combo can take out an MS just like that, if given good command and
>equipment and some nice worked out strategies.

There is a scene in Kondo's crossover notebook where a
guy and his partner are flying a hovercycle by a GM, he
flips off the GM (middle finger) while his partner hits
the GM with his Bazooka.

They also run around hurling mines, and limpet mines at
the GMs.

>Another thing would be a good POV from know, MS fighting in
>background, but actually the story is about the odyssey of the war refugees
>themselves. Great possibility for character cameos.

Um wasn't that THE whole point of 0080?


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