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> >I have a few questions regarding Z Gundam and Newtypes:
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> >1) How powerful is the ZG's Hyper Mega Launcher? In most
> > of the games I see it in, it is usually weaker than
> > the Nu's Fin Funnels or the Wing's Buster Rifle for
> > that matter...
> Despite its high-falutin' name, the Hyper Mega Launcher is
> little more than
> the Z's regular beam rifle on stearoids. It's twice as long,
> wide and deep
> and therefore presumably anywhere from two to eight times as powerful,
> although we see little evidence of that.
> I'd rate it on par with the "Long Rifle" carried by the
> G-Defensor and used
> as a sidearm by the Super Gundam (Gundam Mk.II + G-Defensor),
> which is on
> par with a ship-mounted mega particle cannon. (The original
> Gundam's beam
> rifle was rated as being equal to a ship-mounted beam cannon)
> Neither the Hyper Mega Launcher nor the Long Rifle seems as
> powerful as the
> Mega Bazooka Launcher deployed by Quattro in the 100 Shiki or
> the Hyper
> Beam used by Won Lee in the Junior Mobile Suit, although the
> name "Hyper
> Mega Launcher" would seem to imply a little of both.

I thought the onboard generator is what gives Zeta's HML its big boost in
power. The Mega Bazooka Launcher has an even more powerful generator, with
its own propulsion system. It just need some mobile suit to aim.

> >4) What's so special about the Z Gundam?
> Two words: Wave Rider. (Or, as the Sentinels gang prefers, VMSAWRS --
> Variable Mobile Suit And Wave Rider System) The Z can transform into
> re-entry capable flying armor. This transatmospheric capability is, I
> believe, unique.

It's also one of the few MS in Zeta Gundam that is bio-sensor equipped. The
other one being "The O".

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