Paul Fields (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:19:16 EDT

> This is my chance.... what in the world does "Cthulhu" mean? I've been
>trying to look it up in dictionaries,
> encyclopedias, school library, and the internet for
> ages, and still I can't find what it means. ^^;
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

Ok, Cthulu is a being and a series of Mythos
made popular in this century by the writings
of H.P Lovecraft. Cthulu the being is a large
tentacle creature that sleeps under the ocean
the legends say he will rise, and devour cities.
Cthulu the mythos revolves around the Old Ones
but its easier to say Cthulu than Old Ones.

To say you couldn't find it on the net, I find
disturbing... Look up Cthulu, and or H.P Lovecraft
and you should be able to find plenty, a library
might have some of the books as well.

I can see why the school library and encyclopedia
wouldn't have it though. The dictionary wouldn't
have it either.


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