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>Neither the Hyper Mega Launcher nor the Long Rifle seems as powerful as the
>Mega Bazooka Launcher deployed by Quattro in the 100 Shiki or the Hyper
>Beam used by Won Lee in the Junior Mobile Suit, although the name "Hyper
>Mega Launcher" would seem to imply a little of both.

 So, if I'm not mistaken, the HML is weaker than the
 WG's unbelievably powerful Buster Launcher? If so,
 what use is it then? It's bigger, and presumably
 harder to use.


>That's the Hyper Mode, which has both an offensive and defensive posture.
>Hyper Gundam is the Irresistable Force, Barriered Gundam the Immovable
>Object. It's the Shining Finger, ZERO System and Satellite Cannon bit of
>the UC world.

 I figure that the "Immovable Object" is the Z in it's
 invulnerable rainbow-colored state, right? So, does this
 mean Domon & Rain's combined Tenkyouken wouldn't even
 break this barrier? Or, the Hyper ZG will be able to
 stand it if it were thrown to the sun or something?

>Camille doesn't initiate Hyper Mode so much as channel it. The power comes
>from all of those fallen comrades (mostly female) who conjoin with Camille
>like an army of Valkyries. The same thing happens with Jude Ashita in ZZ,
>except that Jude suffers no psychic repercussions. On the other hand,
>Hamaan accepts defeat gracefully rather than cursing her conqueror with her
>dying breath....

 Poor Hamaan... I don't know the story, but eventhough
 she's usually an annoyingly powerful opponent in a
 lot of crossover games, I still think she's cute and
 how I wished she could've just ended on the side of
 the good guys and lived...

>All we have in the way of evidence is one (1) picture of Hamaan being cozy
>with Char and the frosty way she acts toward him, referring often to his
>lack of principle and treason toward Axis. But Char had earned Hamaan's
>approbrium for sneaking off to the AEUG in the guise of Quattro when he was
>ostensibly doing recce for Axis. She trusted him and he betrayed her -- it
>matters little whether it was personal in addition to political.


>Personally, I don't think Char had either the time nor inclination to
>consumate any romantic or sexual feelings that he and they may have had.
>He probably just played on whatever feeling Hamaan had for him, as he did
>with Lalar before her and Quess a decade later.

 Ooooh! That Char! Hamaan then Quess!?

>Two words: Wave Rider. (Or, as the Sentinels gang prefers, VMSAWRS --
>Variable Mobile Suit And Wave Rider System) The Z can transform into
>re-entry capable flying armor. This transatmospheric capability is, I
>believe, unique.

 "Re-entry" as in re-entry back into the Earth's

>"The enemy of my enemies is my friend!"
>"Politics makes strange bedfellows!"
>No one was more surprised to find himself fighting beside Amura than
>Quattro. He'd signed up with the AEUG in opposition to the Titans, who to
>him were just the Feds being worse than usual. At the time Char became
>Quattro, Amuro was ensconsed in his familial estate on Earth and was
>apparently content to stay there while most of the rest of the former White
>Base crew were joining the Kalaba. It wasn't until Episode 14 that Amuro
>turned up with Katsu on the Audhumla that Quattro and he both got a rude

 Thanks for the reply. The info was most appreciated.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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