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<< I've been wondering, why is the Zaku, a GM and some other mobile suit that
 from Gundam ZZ in Turn A Gundam? DOn't they have originality? Why'd they
 recycle it? Maybe that jerk Syd mind had gone totally blank...
The reason they are digging up old UC suits is so people will realize that it
is actually somehow connected to the UC. AS for the Capule, or Kapool as it
seems to be now called, they probably chose that because it didn't have a
model yet, and it is rather obscure. In the same sense why the fuck did they
have that HiZack in Char's Counter Attack??? Don't they have any
originality??? In fact isn't it odd how alot of the UC mechs look like
hybrids off of the original series?? Don't they have any originality??? Syd
had nothing to do with bringing those mechs in, Tomino did. And everyone
seems to forget that Kunio Okawara is also designing mecha on the show. You
don't seriously believe that Mead designed the Ifreat do you??? This isn't
meant as a flame of any kind, I am just thinking that too often people make
these slams on Turn A or whatever and they haven't even really studied what
they are slamming. I mean most of us have never actually seen an episode.
Many people just saw the Turn A and decided to automatically hate Syd Mead
and automatically blame him for anything. I don't know how popular Turn A is
in Japan, but the JafCon photos had a lot of Turn A entries with only one
intentionally slamming the design.


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