Dom Tetreault (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:04:53 -0400

Was browsing for a new model to build yesterday (ended up with a V Gundam
Gunblastor) and *almost* bought one of those funky XM-series mobile suits
from F91; the Denan Zon (XM-01 IIRC). Are *all* the Crossbone mecha like
this? (I mean, like old-style soldiers; this one looks like a WWI German
fighter, another XM looks like a knight, etc.) I think I'm going to load
up on XMs to give all my GMs something to fight.

How are the regular F91 kits? I only ask because I've bought two Vs in a
row now (1/100 Gunblastor and 1/144 Javelin) and they're both rather
loose in the joints, which kinda bugs me.

Oh, and can anyone point me to a site that has a rundown of the
F91/Crossbone manga on it? I'm really getting into this story now...

- d

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