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Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:05:49 +1300

Salamangka wrote:

> Hmmm...I'm thinking of getting a Jagd Doga as well...I already have a geara
> Doga, and it is WAY COOL.

well I don't like the Geara Doga but the Geara
Doga Psyhcomu type, in my opinion, is even more
eye candy than the Sazabi let alone the Jagd
Doga. it's a pity I can't even find a GK resin of
it anywhere.

> not glued on/off as the
> kit parts were made to be..

These system injection kits are for sissies. I'm
not good at putting models together, and I suppose
this ease-of-assmebly is probably directed at me
(an me alone), but it bites. The colouring of the
pieces has an awful finish (bleh) and what's this
snap togteher business?

      Big bore exhausts are for V8 wannabes
                  Michael Ip

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