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Chris Beilby wrote:

> >On Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:45:50 GMT Chris Beilby <> wrote:
> > >Is there anyone who can somehow get me a picture of the Super Deformed
> > >Guntank?
> > >

Does it have to be a Guntank ? Bandai's SD G Generation game page has a
complete unit list but not all of the images. Unfortunately Guntank doesn't
have a picture but Guntank II does. There are plenty of pictures of other
rare/special MS. I have also tried to find images of Guntank on Japanese
Gundam CG fan sites but to no avail. Looks like I will have to try and find a
SD Gundam site.

If you want to check out the other Super Deformed MS images here is the unit

The links across the top frame are MS unit names A-E, Ga-Ke, Ko-Zo, Chi-Me,
Ya-Re, Mother units

The model numbers MS-### are for this game only i.e not the real MS model
Just click on the highlighted MS names and the image will appear in the right
hand frame.


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