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>There were lots of people in the one year war, and
>they could film all of them one platoon at a time.
>An option always allowed to them would be remaking
>the 3 Movies of the original series with new anime
>styling. Then if it sold well enough redo the entire
>series in the same style, kind of a reverse of the
>chop up the series to make a movie technique that
>bandai used on the movies, and on 0083, but they
>could storyboard the series so you wouldn't end up
>with stuff in the movies that doesn't fit into the
>series... but only paint the cells pertinent to the
>Movie, and keep the series in reserve, which would
>renew interest in the old movies, and possibly the
>old series without losing the money making ability
>of new product.

I like the concept. It would be nice to see the grunts slugging it out with
"everyday" heroics, rather than seeing people with fantastic powers and MS's
duke it out one on one. That's one thing I'd really like to see (though I don't
know if 08th has done this, since I haven't seen it yet). Imagine, actual teamwork
between MS's and their support vehicles...I bet that a good tank and missile
van combo can take out an MS just like that, if given good command and communications
equipment and some nice worked out strategies.

Another thing would be a good POV from know, MS fighting in the
background, but actually the story is about the odyssey of the war refugees
themselves. Great possibility for character cameos.

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