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>I have a few questions regarding Z Gundam and Newtypes:
>1) How powerful is the ZG's Hyper Mega Launcher? In most
> of the games I see it in, it is usually weaker than
> the Nu's Fin Funnels or the Wing's Buster Rifle for
> that matter...

Videogames like the SD ones you play take great liberty with
established stats, that's why it appears rather weak in
comparison to Nu's fin funnels - in terms of raw power, the
launcher should be way more destructive. However, it is
nowhere close to the fin funnel's manueverbility or speed.

>2) How invincible was the ZG when Camille did that power-
> up rainbow thing? Is it 100% invulnerable to anything?
> How did Camille do it?

This sounds like the final episode of Zeta, where Camille
channels all the dead NewType's fury through his Zeta at
Scirocco's The O. Watch the last episode for yourself.

>3) Were Char and Hamaan lovers?

We went through this topic just last week IIRC.

>4) What's so special about the Z Gundam?

It trasnforms just like the Macross Valkyries. A must for a lead mecha
in a 80's show.

>5) Why did Char (as Quatro) side with um... Amuro, and
> later in CCA was against him again?

During the time frame of Zeta Gundam, Char joined the AEUG (Anti-Earth
Union Government) in their fight against the tyranny of EUG's Titans
faction, which was in control at the time. Since Amuro joined the
earthbound counterpart of the AEUG, it'd appear that they fought together
although technically they are just both fighting the Titans with their own
chosen band of rebels. After the Titans and Axis were out of picture (after
ZZ), Char conveniently steps back into the spotlight and formed Neo
Zeon/Zion/Jion and proceeded to "cleanse" the corrupt earthnoids in control
of the EUG by killing off the planet with asteroid drops, so Amuro had to
once again face off against Char in order to protect the innocent people
living on earth.

Or you can try dropping your gaming for a few days and watch Zeta and CCA,
and draw your own conclusion.


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