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>I've been wondering, why is the Zaku, a GM and some other mobile suit that
>from Gundam ZZ in Turn A Gundam? DOn't they have originality? Why'd they
>recycle it? Maybe that jerk Syd mind had gone totally blank...

I think Tomino and the staff that works on Turn A had more to do with
deciding which UC suits would appear (as far as I know, they had Zaku IIs
and a GunCannon variant, plus the Kapool from ZZ, that were "recycled" in
Turn A. Dunno about the GM for sure yet... Syd Mead was only responsible
for designing the new ones, I am not sure if he has anything to do with
designing the GunCannon-like suit, but I doubt it.

Why recycle old designs? You got me. A better question is perhaps why is
Tomino doing another Gundam after years of publicly dissing his own creation
and telling everyone how he wanted to move on with his new shows. Maybe the
relative failure of Brain Powerd was a humbling experience that forced him
back to exploiting the Gundam name. If everyone else is doing it, why not
him? Tomino probably still hates Gundam, thus his decision to ditch the
classic Gundam look and have a Westerner do a design that'd let him get away
with as much as he possibly could, and tell basically a non-UC Gundam story
with a Gundam name slapped on it. If people love it, great, he gets to take
the credit for making it work. If people hate it, he wins anyway, since he'd
be free of the Gundam curse when he wants to pitch a new show to producers.
To make his gamble a safer bet, some classic U.C. suits were resurrected to
pacify old-timers and U.C. purists.

With the show almost halfway thorough and still not much revelation on the
Turn A universe's relationship to the U.C. era he created in the first place,
or what has transpired in between, I don't think he intends to make good on
his promise of fitting all the alternate universe Gundam shows and his own
with Turn A Gundam. After all, leaving things open and ambiguous like the
way things were in Evangelion makes the show appear so much deep and complex.


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