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  Well, since Gundam W does start with a clean slate, the Gundams get to
have an all-new symbology. At first they're the embodiment of the space
colonists' wrath, then they become symbols of pure aggression, disowned
by the colonists in their eagerness to get all lovey-dovey with OZ. And
at the very end they fight to end war, trying to prevent the collision
between pro-Earth and anti-Earth forces. If Zechs had died and Treize had
lived, the final battle might well have been against Treize and his
terrestrial forces...

  But yes, at the very end, it's a single Gundam defending the Earth from
destruction. Just like the end of Char's Counterattack. Where that leaves
the Gundam symbology in this universe is something of a judgement call...
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In the end, one can say that the five Gundams go from being something of the following:

1) Start as Zionites, trash Earth Federation to liberate Space Colonies.
2) Colonies buckle under the rule of Earth Federation. Gundams are labeled as Terrorists, something Akin to Either the Delaz Fleet (bunch of renegades standing in the way of "Peace") or the Titans (bunch of thugs, period).
3) Factionalization Occurs. Gundams seemingly migrate towards "freedom of Colonies" ala AEUG. (IS this a valid point to make? My brain is a little fuzzy on this one--after all the endless factionalization).
4) Zechs go Mad, leads the force that wants to destory earth a la Neo Zion. Gundams now have no choice (well, at least for one, or two) but to defend earth--They act as London Bell Force.
5) In Endless Waltz, it becomes similar to what occured in the last days of the original Op. Meteo, but now, add to the fact that one Gundam has become a renegade...

Is this a correct assumption? IT seems right...

I guess in the end, GW seems like a retale of the UC saga, from 0079 to CCA, with more complcation thrown in for good mix, and to stay competitive vs. EVA.

That's all folks.

Y. "Dead Tired" Choe

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