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Y. Choe writes,

>On the other hand, if I were to take your argument that Gundam is the/tends
>to be the defender of the earth (which I agree also), then all White Colored
>Gundams eventually become the defender of the earth, though the original
>intentions may be one of destruction of the said planet.

  Hm... perhaps so. Gundam W we'll get to in a minute, but even in G
Gundam, the Gundams that initially arrive to trash the planet in their
quest for nationalistic glory eventually unite to save the world (and its
orbiting space colonies). But if they didn't, they wouldn't make very
good heroes, would they?

>After all, in
>Wing, it's the five Gundams that eventually stops the hideous Operation
>Meteo from carried out, though it was the responsibility of the five Gundams
>and their pilots to carry out that mission. It's the anti-gundam that seeks
>for destruction in Wing's Case.

  Well, since Gundam W does start with a clean slate, the Gundams get to
have an all-new symbology. At first they're the embodiment of the space
colonists' wrath, then they become symbols of pure aggression, disowned
by the colonists in their eagerness to get all lovey-dovey with OZ. And
at the very end they fight to end war, trying to prevent the collision
between pro-Earth and anti-Earth forces. If Zechs had died and Treize had
lived, the final battle might well have been against Treize and his
terrestrial forces...

  But yes, at the very end, it's a single Gundam defending the Earth from
destruction. Just like the end of Char's Counterattack. Where that leaves
the Gundam symbology in this universe is something of a judgement call...

>So the question is, is there a spiritual Gundam in Gaia Gear?

  I don't have enough of a grasp on the plot to field that one, I'm
afraid. But the last act of Gaia Gear does have Maha, the Titans-esque
elite Federation group, invading the Earth in order to seize this
nearly-depopulated sanctuary world for their very own. Since the Metatron
forces are fighting to keep the sacred mother world out of Maha's clammy
paws, you could say that they're trying to defend Earth from being

-- Mark

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