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> Yeah, Ghostbusters, both the old and new one is one (two)
> cool cartoon/s. I used to watch it everyday. By the way,
> does anyone remember "Jesse and the Wheeled Warriors"?
> Is that an anime or a cartoon?
Jace and the Wheeled Warriors was one of those early DiC Series which fell
into the gray area. At the time that it was made, DiC was still working
very closely with several of the japanese studios, and had japanese
character designers.
> > Any Show which has
> >episodes based on Film Noir, Bad 50s Science Fiction Films (and penned by
> >David Gerrold no less,) or Lovecraft (Never thought /I'd/ see Cuthulu in
> >cartoon!) is a lot of fun, but is decidedly NOT just a kids show.
> This is my chance.... what in the world does "Cthulhu" mean? I've been
>trying to look it up in dictionaries,
> encyclopedias, school library, and the internet for
> ages, and still I can't find what it means. ^^;

Cuthulu was one of the Great Old Ones (Evil Godlike beings/Demons) in a
series of horror stories and novels penned by by HP Lovecraft during the 20s
and 30s. Contact me off list, and I can give you a small list of the
stories of the Lovecraftian Mythos. Several games have been produced based
on these stories, including Chaosium's 'Call of Cuthulu' role playing game,
and the Collectable card game, 'Mythos.' The stories were among the most
truly terrifying and twisted of all horror stories, and dealt very heavily
with the supernatural and psychological terror, and are considered

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