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> >2) How invincible was the ZG when Camille did that power-
> > up rainbow thing? Is it 100% invulnerable to anything?
> > How did Camille do it?
> That's the Hyper Mode, which has both an offensive and defensive posture.
> Hyper Gundam is the Irresistable Force, Barriered Gundam the Immovable
> Object. It's the Shining Finger, ZERO System and Satellite Cannon bit of
> the UC world.

    You do know that Hyper Mode is already used by G Gundam. Maybe you
should call it something else....

> Camille doesn't initiate Hyper Mode so much as channel it. The power
> from all of those fallen comrades (mostly female) who conjoin with Camille
> like an army of Valkyries. The same thing happens with Jude Ashita in ZZ,
> except that Jude suffers no psychic repercussions. On the other hand,
> Hamaan accepts defeat gracefully rather than cursing her conqueror with
> dying breath....

    I thought we (people on Gundam ML) had a discussion about it and
basically said that it could just be Camille's brain that conjure out those
images, and that basically Camille just use his own Newtype power and
channel it through the bio sensor of Zeta Gundam. We even discuss that it's
possible that Camille's "condition" after his last fight might be a result
of his use of Newtype power. I just think that the thing in ZZ is really
getting out of hand, since most of those people seen in the "vision" hadn't
even met Judo....

> >3) Were Char and Hamaan lovers?
> Indeterminate.

    Don't think so. Remember the Camille VS Haman fight near the end? After
Haman was "talking" with Camille via Newtype powers, Camille want to know if
she is willing to talk to them and get to know each other, while Haman
commented with something along the lines of, "How dare you get into my
thoughts! You're just like Char....". Even in her fight against Char at the
end of Zeta, Haman ask Char to be at her side so they would become the
winner (I do think they would win if Char is at her side or vice versa).
Unless they had a really serious relationship, I seriously doubt she would
do that....

> All we have in the way of evidence is one (1) picture of Hamaan being cozy
> with Char and the frosty way she acts toward him, referring often to his
> lack of principle and treason toward Axis. But Char had earned Hamaan's
> approbrium for sneaking off to the AEUG in the guise of Quattro when he
> ostensibly doing recce for Axis. She trusted him and he betrayed her --
> matters little whether it was personal in addition to political.

    I think by the time Char left, Haman is already having "problems" with
Char. Char was displeased by her actions toward getting power, so it's safe
to assume that he confronted her about it, therefore leaving when it didn't

> Char was born circa UC 0059 (20 in UC 0079), although his Char identity
> supposedly born two years earlier, in UC 0057. Hamaan was born circa UC
> 0067 (16 in UC 0083), making her 10 years his junior officially and 8
> actually. They would've been together when he was 21 to 24 (officially 23
> to 26) and she 13 to 16 -- this after a tragic relationship with Lalar
> who was somewhere between 16 and 18 when Char was 20 (officially 22)....

    I thought for most newtypes, age doesn't really matter....

> Personally, I don't think Char had either the time nor inclination to
> consumate any romantic or sexual feelings that he and they may have had.
> He probably just played on whatever feeling Hamaan had for him, as he did
> with Lalar before her and Quess a decade later.

    Why the negative feelings toward Char? I thought we all know that Char
really love Lalah, which is the reason why he hate Amuro's guts (in the TV
series, of course) so much is that Lalah seems to be in love with Amuro more
than him. As for Quess, we all know that he's just using her. We are not
sure what's the exact relationhip is like between Char and Haman, I think
it's safe to assume it's more than friends and maybe less than lovers....

> Two words: Wave Rider. (Or, as the Sentinels gang prefers, VMSAWRS --
> Variable Mobile Suit And Wave Rider System) The Z can transform into
> re-entry capable flying armor. This transatmospheric capability is, I
> believe, unique.

    Not to mention the fact that it's one of the most powerful MS at its

> No one was more surprised to find himself fighting beside Amura than
> Quattro. He'd signed up with the AEUG in opposition to the Titans, who to
> him were just the Feds being worse than usual. At the time Char became
> Quattro, Amuro was ensconsed in his familial estate on Earth and was
> apparently content to stay there while most of the rest of the former
> Base crew were joining the Kalaba. It wasn't until Episode 14 that Amuro
> turned up with Katsu on the Audhumla that Quattro and he both got a rude
> awakening.

    I thought Char always fight for what he believe was right, as he doesn't
really care of what side he's on....

Edmund Chiu

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