garrick lee (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 18:26:09 -0700 (PDT)

> Oh... "Limited Animation" huh? So that's why the
> characters in He-Man kinda look funny when they're
> running? ^^;

i happen to like he-man. (still watch it on tuesdays
4 pm heheh) :P

i think filmation used rotoscoping though, not limited

> >DiC Ghostbusters (based on the Ivan Riteman movie,
> as opposed to the
> >Filmation Series, which was inspired by a couple of
> grade B schlock comedies
> >from the 50s.) The first season or two of
> Ghostbusters stands out, due to
> >the writing, even though the animation was
> substandard.)
> Yeah, Ghostbusters, both the old and new one is one
> (two)
> cool cartoon/s. I used to watch it everyday. By the
> way,
> does anyone remember "Jesse and the Wheeled
> Warriors"?
> Is that an anime or a cartoon?

hmm...i taped all episodes of the new generation
ghostbusters. i like all the puns and smartass
wisecracks, no matter how punk-apocalyptic the
atmosphere is. i also have quite a handful of the
real ghostbusters toons, and the original

i do remember "jayce and the wheeled warriors", but
can't really tell you anything of significance. :(



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