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> >Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. Mummies Alive is, to me, pure eye candy. I
> >watch the show because of the visuals. Personally, I find the writing to
> >substandard (although good by american kidvid standards.) However, even
> >the 80s, there were some standouts. Look at the first two seasons of the
> >DiC Ghostbusters (based on the Ivan Riteman movie, as opposed to the
> >Filmation Series, which was inspired by a couple of grade B schlock
> >from the 50s.) The first season or two of Ghostbusters stands out, due
> >the writing, even though the animation was substandard.) Any Show which
> >episodes based on Film Noir, Bad 50s Science Fiction Films (and penned by
> >David Gerrold no less,) or Lovecraft (Never thought /I'd/ see Cuthulu in
> >cartoon!) is a lot of fun, but is decidedly NOT just a kids show.
> >
> Just for the information, one reason why The Real Ghostbusters
>scripts might have been a cut above the norm was that the writer would
>eventually move onto bigger things.
> About 250,000 tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night,
>that sort of bigger things ^_^
I forgot that JMS Was one of the writers on The Real Ghostbusters.

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