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> Imai did a no-swaps required, fully transformable Legioss kit over a
> ago. There's no reason that Bandai cannot do a no-swapping Valkyrie kit.

yeah, I've got a legioss and an iron legioss, and they just re-released the
old ones. (now if only they could re-release the mospeadas...)

It's funny you mention the transofrming model bit. I have a VF-19 Kai 1/100
model and a VF-19 toy and I noticed there was only ONE part that was
different between the two uh... "kits." (I'm referring to it as a kit only
because I took the toy apart to give it a custom paint job and put it all
back together. So it's a model as far as I'm concerned.) It's just one part,
in the middle of the "fighter" that could have been made slightly wider.
Then you wouldn't have to swap any parts when it transformed.

Why they didn't do it, I don't know. That's why I would assume part
swapping. Idunno, I figure you can always go with the toys if you don't like
part swapping... it's what I'll do, and I'm looking forward to those toycom

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