Paul Fields (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:40:42 EDT

> >You've never heard of sequels?
>I have never heard of a series being made out of merchandise based on an
>existing story being called a "sequel".

Lets try this argument guys...

Highlander the movie, HBO original movie, throw
away for the summer, no sequels planned, no real
interest expected.

Generates much more money in Sequels, and Series
rights and merchandise, than the original movie
ever did.

Star Wars originally even Lucas didn't think it'd
make that much of a showing, no sequels planned.

Sequels, Prequels, Movies, Toys, Books, what have
you, this one was a monster of merchandising.

So if Bandai wanted to do extra footage of the one
year war, aka 08th MS Team, or Blue Destiny it is
like Highlander the series, before the end of the
first movie, the time just before the Gathering.

There were lots of people in the one year war, and
they could film all of them one platoon at a time.
An option always allowed to them would be remaking
the 3 Movies of the original series with new anime
styling. Then if it sold well enough redo the entire
series in the same style, kind of a reverse of the
chop up the series to make a movie technique that
bandai used on the movies, and on 0083, but they
could storyboard the series so you wouldn't end up
with stuff in the movies that doesn't fit into the
series... but only paint the cells pertinent to the
Movie, and keep the series in reserve, which would
renew interest in the old movies, and possibly the
old series without losing the money making ability
of new product.


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