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>I err... like Turn A also I liked it so much it ran into the floor via my
>hand. Its an original design alright but may I say Syd Mead is on Crack.
>X is a small improvement over Turn A but its not very pretty, The overall
>design is Average but the panel lines make no sense, its just messy lines
>over a MS that could have been so much more. Plus an already discussed "high
>heel" thing with Turn A, It gives me the impression that Syd Mead is kinda
>Fruity (no offense to fruits) . The Katoke MS's aren't coming out thats what
>pisses me off, the Eagle and other MS's look kinda cool in a deformed sort
>way but where are those? The only Syd Mead designs I like so far are the
>Ifreat, Sumo and I'm kinda stuck on Turn X, I'm not sure.
>- Roger

Aye well, to each his own...

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