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>> There's money to make, and there's MONEY to make. Take all the Star Wars
>> novels out there. Turn a good one into a feature film? Why bother? You
>> can't sell novelization of the movie, because the original novel has been
>> out there. Make the X-wing vs. TIE Fighter game into a Star Wars movie?
>> Why make a film based on merchandise made to support another film in the
>> place? I mean the idea sounds really good on paper, but if you've played
>> Street Fighter: the Movie then you'll know how bad such an idea can be.
>> Eddie
>I hope you're not looking into a career in marketing.

So now you are a marketing expert, and my USC Business degree is speaks
nothing of my knowledge in marketing? Now I am worried for all the Fortune
500 companies that actively recruit on campus every year. How presumptious
of you to make such a slanderous statement, when you are not making a living
working in marketing.

>Have you not heard
>of the concept of a movie reinvigorating interest in a book, say, like
>"Starship Troopers"? Saying nothing of the movie or the acting, the book
>benefitted from a new cover and all the interest in toys and whatnot.

I don't seem to recall the movie putting the book back on any best-seller
list, do you? Sure, the book benefitted from the movie, but its sales are
pitiful compared to the novelization of Star Wars Episode I, which goes
right back to my point of profit maximization that is possible with a brand
story, and the market cannibalization problem inherently associated with
producing a series out of an existing story.

>make a film based on merchandise made to support another film in the first
>place? Because the original film gets renewed interest (video sales, toys,
>etc.) along with the new movie/series.

So you are now claiming renewed interest in an old story generates more
revenue than a brand new story, given that the stories are of equal quality
and audience pull?

Did Super Mario Brothers get a jump in sales when the movie came out? How
about Double Dragon? I can't even find the damn game in the arcades when
the movie came out. Did my Spawn action figures get pumped up in value when
the movie came out? No, no, no.

>You've never heard of sequels?

I have never heard of a series being made out of merchandise based on an
existing story being called a "sequel".

>Remakes? How many Titanic movies have been made over the years?

And how was Cameron's a remake of any other Titanic movie previously made?
Just because all these movies take place on the sinking boat, they are
remakes of the same story?

Given your argument, why doesn't Hollywood just recycle every movie they've
ever made, instead of making new ones? It's got built-in audience
recognition, and can boost sales of their library of aging titles, heck
yeah! Let's make more movies like "The Haunting", or "Psycho: the Gus
Van Sant version"!

>there are bad executions of good ideas. So what.

Aw, don't give me that "so what" speech. BACK IT UP. I've given you
multiple counter examples for each example you had. BACK IT UP.

If you believe in your point at all, go talk to Mike Eisner now and convince
him to make a theatrical version of "The Lion King II: Simbad's Price". Why?
Given your logic, the original straight-to-vieo release of The Lion King 2
will get renewed interest, along with the new movie, and benefit from it.
It is such a good idea, when properly executed, it cannot fail. Let's see if
Eisner promotes you to head of marketing or, heaven forbid, fire you right on
the spot for wasting his time (not to mention company time and resources on
personal e-mails).

Don't get me wrong - I'd love to see more U.C. action as much as the next guy
and it'd be sweet if they did animate Sentinel, F-90, and Blue Destiny.
However, I don't don't think your insulting my intelligence and making
personal attacks is warranted when I merely stated my opinion that given
Bandai's attitude on money, such series will never get made.


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