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>>I totally agree. The Gundam designs are very similar. Actually, I really
>>the Turn A now. I have an urge to take it off my shelf and repose it and
>>around with it, at least once a day. I am also going to buy the MS In Action
>>Turn A figure, the diecast or whatever it will be made of, Turn A, and the
>>1/100 kit. For some reason I can't find, I like the Turn A alot. I also like
>>the Turn X, too.
>What I like about the TurnA is its bells and whistles there
>except the chest missile rack...and even that is pretty simple as compared
>to, say, the HeavyArms.

I err... like Turn A also I liked it so much it ran into the floor via my
hand. Its an original design alright but may I say Syd Mead is on Crack. Turn
X is a small improvement over Turn A but its not very pretty, The overall
design is Average but the panel lines make no sense, its just messy lines all
over a MS that could have been so much more. Plus an already discussed "high
heel" thing with Turn A, It gives me the impression that Syd Mead is kinda
Fruity (no offense to fruits) . The Katoke MS's aren't coming out thats what
pisses me off, the Eagle and other MS's look kinda cool in a deformed sort of
way but where are those? The only Syd Mead designs I like so far are the
Ifreat, Sumo and I'm kinda stuck on Turn X, I'm not sure.

- Roger


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