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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime VS Cartoons

> But take note, the quality of animation you see in
> Looney Tunes are far smoother than the ones you see
> in the likes of most later cartoons. Aside from that,

Yes, more dedication, more budget. Those were made for *adults* and
were not seen as a separate money-making product until much later so
they didn't care that they were spending so much on them. That's
what all the studios did, you know?

> Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, etc... are often times
> more violent than action cartoons such as Street
> Sharks, Princess Tenko, Ninja Turtles, etc.... Why
> is that?

Made for adults. Also war era stuff was a little more violent. But
it was a cartoon. Those guys never die no matter how much TNT you
blast them with.

> Well I can't help it. But hey, if I were an animator and
> the bigshots are gonna make me produce crap, I'd probably
> look for a better company or something. By the way, who

Ha hahaahahaa, where would you look? All the studios making TV
animation suck at it. You either live with it or try to make it
on your own which is a huge risk.

> does the character designing? The animators or the ones
> in charge? If you ask me, cartoons like "Mummies Alive"
> or "Swat Kats" would be a lot more spectacular if there
> were a more connected storyline that leads to a definite
> ending. "Mummies Alive" is so notable in the sense that
> it has an anime feel to it, you know, the transformation
> sequences, the armor designs, the martial arts?

Not sure. Could be toy company, could be producer, could be
studio, depends on who "owns" it.


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