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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The Uglyness of Turn X

> Yeah...Gundam I think simply followed a look that reminded everyone of
> everything else...A great marketing ploy, to be sure, but it DOES tend to
> get old and tired eventually. The making of new designs, and then showing
> off old suits as well (classics, even), married to what seems to be a good
> storyline that connects to the original series, well...It's a great
> marketing strategy, if you think about it. You capitalize on the old
> designs, and link in people's minds the connection of the new and the old
> via story and reappearances of old MS's. not bad. It's risky, but if it
> works, it will allow Gundam to expand into new design and story territory....

What I like is some of the obscure old designs that they could bring forward
with a plan like that. That Capule or whatever it is looks great as a model
kit. Why not do that with a few more old classics?


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