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>> Okay okay... so I missed that point. Fine. But don't
>> you wish the makers of animation there would put a
>> little more "heart" in their work like I think what
>> the Japanese are doing?
>Well, ya, that's obvious. They don't try over here anymore. If it
>weren't for John Krikfalusi(sp?) or the Southpark guys there wouldn't
>have been any decent animation in the last 10 years. You forget where
>our animation comes from. 6 minute shorts in theaters, The Flintstones,
>etc. Short and funny. Different everytime (e.g. Bugs Bunny meeting
>Christopher Columbus or the Pink Panther fighting dinosaurs for food).
>That is the root of our expectations and it is a hard thing to shake.
>Personally, I prefer old WB and MGM cartoons over anything else.

 But take note, the quality of animation you see in
 Looney Tunes are far smoother than the ones you see
 in the likes of most later cartoons. Aside from that,
 Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, etc... are often times
 more violent than action cartoons such as Street
 Sharks, Princess Tenko, Ninja Turtles, etc.... Why
 is that?

 One thing I don't understand is why anime keeps on
 progressing and some of it's western counterparts
 keep on regressing. Example, compare the quality
 of animation between Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Rurouni
 Kenshin. A lot better right? And now, compare the
 old GI JOE to the newer one....

>> 2) The uniquness - there is this certain quality in
>> anime that I never really saw in most western
>> cartoons. In anime, you get to see really wild
>> and fresh new ideas. In western cartoons, all
>> I USUALLY see are "laser guns" that work like
>> stun rays or something. Guns... guns... guns...
>> duh. Why do they have to limit themselves to
>> that? I think this one's in the culture....
>Again, look at the two approaches. In Japan its a huge industry
>that's geared to adults as much as kids. Not here. Here it's a
>risk that's meant mostly for kids. Also, it appears to the suits
>that only Disney can get their money back from dumping millions
>into animation so the others don't think it can be done.

 Hmm.... if that's the case, then I don't think anything
 can be done about that. As I said, it's in the culture.

>> One thing that puzzles me is that why do the western
>> animators tend to make every character buffed and yet
>> oftentimes wimps? Heck, even Super Bikkuriman could
>> wipe out the entire X-Men. Look at Rival Schools...
>> there you have over-buffed 15-yr. olds, but their
>> bodies matches it's use. You know what I'm getting
>> at?
>Ask the suits who are in charge. You think the animators *like*
>drawing crap show after crap show? You think it's their idea? You
>have a low regard for them if that's the case.

 Well I can't help it. But hey, if I were an animator and
 the bigshots are gonna make me produce crap, I'd probably
 look for a better company or something. By the way, who
 does the character designing? The animators or the ones
 in charge? If you ask me, cartoons like "Mummies Alive"
 or "Swat Kats" would be a lot more spectacular if there
 were a more connected storyline that leads to a definite
 ending. "Mummies Alive" is so notable in the sense that
 it has an anime feel to it, you know, the transformation
 sequences, the armor designs, the martial arts?

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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