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><MG valkyrie babble>
>sure would be cool, but I think there'd be a few problems with it. We'd
>probably have to swap parts. Not to insult bandai or anything, but swapping
>parts is a bad idea.

hmmm couldn't they just make it like the jetfire toy I mean sure that had
dicast parts but it was also a bit havier than you average plastic kit I
could be done with out swapping parts all they

>Then there's the fact that the MG kit line seemed to be
>made just for Gundam kits, well, I don't think a Valkyrie would really fit
>in there.
>But soon, that company toycom is going to release Macross Plus toys and
>like, aren't they?

yes they are but you will be hard pressed to find an actual release date +
the word on the streeet is that if the MAC+ tpoys sell well they are gonn re
issue all the other toys from original macross

now im gonna have to buy 200,000 VF-19's and 21's so I can get a good
quality VF-1 for less than $800 on Ebay

So I suppose it's not all that bad. But yah, maybe for
>Macross' 20th anniversary.
>Matt "chicks are cool" Hanyok

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