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Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:09:24 +0800

Edward Ju wrote:
> ><MG valkyrie babble>
> >
> >sure would be cool, but I think there'd be a few problems with it. We'd
> >probably have to swap parts. Not to insult bandai or anything, but swapping
> >parts is a bad idea. Then there's the fact that the MG kit line seemed to be
> >made just for Gundam kits, well, I don't think a Valkyrie would really fit
> >in there.
> Imai did a no-swaps required, fully transformable Legioss kit over a decade
> ago. There's no reason that Bandai cannot do a no-swapping Valkyrie kit.
> Just copy the Takatoku toy's concept and modify it a little, it can work.
> As for the canopy/cockpit cover, just make it a slide-over shield that
> retracts back to the hull in Fighter and Gerwalk modes. Easy.
> >But soon, that company toycom is going to release Macross Plus toys and they
> >like, aren't they? So I suppose it's not all that bad. But yah, maybe for
> >Macross' 20th anniversary.
> It would be cool... if economy in Asia picks up a year or two before that,
> then it'll be more likely to happen.
> Eddie

speaking of which...I kitbashed my Bandai 1/100 VF-19 Kai kit and put in
the augmentation packs of a 1/100 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie made by
Arii...the arm packs were a PERFECT FIT...though now I can't transform
the Kai into a fighter...oh well, that's what my VF-19S is for...

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