James L. Ravelo II (jravelo2@pacific.net.ph)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:04:21 +0800

Edward Ju wrote:
> >Actually, I don't think a 1/72 MG variable VF-1 Strike Valkyrie would be
> >good, although the best valkyrie I liked was the VF-1S...mind you, it's
> >as big as any 1/100 from Wing, X or G, and some UC mecha, and even
> >flimsier...maybe it should be a 1/72 MG VF-11/VF-17/VF-19, if they were
> >to make one. I don't know how big the Macross II valkries are though...
> If we're gonna dream, screw the MG... GIMME A 1/48 SCALE PG VALKYRIE!!!
> Eddie

now that you've mentioned it...yeah...a 1/48 PG Valkyrie would be real
nice...if only it would be deemed marketable enough by Bandai...

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